SMALL groups

Abundant Life GROUPS provide meaningful ways to grow through what we’re going through…together! In groups, you are able to fellowship with good people from the church and surrounding area. Groups help us grow in our faith and strengthen our relationship with God and each other. We call it community.

Why Small Groups?

Life is not meant to be lived in isolation. We were created to experience life together, yet pre-epidemic surveys estimate as many as 3 of 5 Americans are lonely

The threat of Covid-19 has disrupted communities worldwide. We get it but God’s desire for us to unite and support one another hasn’t changed. Our GROUPS are back now and growing stronger than ever. 

Small groups in the Baltimore area are currently meeting on Thursdays in-person and online.  Find a Group

Community Groups

Thursdays at 7:15pm

Prayer Groups

Tuesdays at 7:15pm

Interested in talking to someone about a group? Contact us to reach a member of our groups team.

Attending Abundant Life Church and wish to officially register your own group? Click here!