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There is something for everyone to get involved in missions; either globally or locally. Whether you are young or old, teenager, hyphen, adult, single, married – anyone!  Browse the opportunities below and then submit the interest webform to get connected to missions.  Let’s “Go Reach the World”!

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Compassion Services International

Compassion Services International is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to relieving human suffering around the globe. For more than 30 years, CSi has been bringing Hope and Help to Nations. This nonprofit creatively approaches the mission of love and compassion. They are hands-on, grass-roots driven, and lasting. Become a monthly financial partner. Volunteer. Donate. Pray. (Any Age) 

To find out more information on CSI and how you can be a part – Click Here.

Apostolic Youth Corps

Apostolic Youth Corps (AYC) is a branch of UPCI Youth Ministries that facilitates the pairing of ministry-minded Pentecostal students with North American and international sites which need and desire evangelism assistance. AYC candidates will assist Global Missionaries, North American Missionaries, and work in cooperation with Global Campus Ministry, Campus Ministry International, Compassion Services International, and Metro Evangelism. (Ages 15 – 35) 

Check out the AYC Program Here 

Next Steps

Next Steps is a unique summer training program to support missionaries around the world. Each assignment is a total of eight weeks.  Beginning with three weeks in preparation for on-the-field training with plenty of time for networking and scouting out the area. Then comes the five glorious weeks of missionary apprenticeship, allowing participants to actually do the work of a missionary. (Ages 18+) 

Check out the Next Steps Program Here

Check out the AIM and AMP program Here

Reach Baltimore

Go by actively volunteering and assisting our own metro missionary, Bro. Anthony Hanson, as he reaches inner city Baltimore. You are invited to join in on any or all of the following outreach opportunities:

For more information on how you can be a part, text 971.570.8975 or email 

Sunday Prayer Walk: 4:00 – 5:30PM – Meet at the corner of W. North Ave and Pennsylvania Ave


If you feel called to local missions, INITI8 is a Short Term Missions program from North American Missions that will allow you to initiate and further develop your call and mission in life. You will have the chance to spend 8 weeks working with Church Planters and receiving practical training to make you more effective in the Kingdom of God! (Ages 18+) 

To find out more about the Initi8 Program – Click Here.

Metro Missions

In North America 80% of the population lives within a metro city, but only 20% of the UPCI churches lie within those areas. Metro Missions has a proven track record over the last 25 years of reaching these target cities with the truth of God’s word! Currently North America has 40 Metro Missionaries have completed deputation and have gone into their city of appointment to bring the Gospel. Those

Missionaries in turn have planted 27 UPCI daughter works, totaling 55 churches in the approved. Metro cities for a success rate of 186%. Metro Missionaries need our support and prayers to continue the work that they do! (Any Age) 

To find out how you can help our Metro Missionaries – Click here.

Church in a Day

Church in a Day is a program in which skilled laborers and an abundance of volunteers converge on a plot of land, and in less than 24 hours have a functional church built. The money saved in construction costs places the new church far ahead of the curve. Church in a Day is an amazing feat, and has been featured on media outlets throughout the country. (Any Age) To find out how you can help donate to churches in need – click here.