Listen to great apostolic preaching from here and around the world.

Study Guide & Discussion Questions

As you view each session, consider the following questions as a personal reflection or in a small group gathering.

Of course you can simply watch the video, but what if taking a moment to reflect and apply what you’ve learned could make the difference that impacts a lifetime?!

Download the editable study guide file (.docx)

1. Write down 2-3 key takeaways for you personally from this video. These can be keywords, a scripture, a revelation, etc.

2. Write down something that challenged your self-thinking or made you question your own attitudes or behaviors.

3. As you were listening to this message, did someone come to mind as a person who may need prayer or could benefit from watching this with you? Pray for that person now and consider scheduling a time to share and/or watch the video with them.

4. Is there a scripture that caught your attention to further study? Write it down and challenge yourself to find at least 2 cross references and study it out this week.

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